Union-friendly deals hurting productivity

To do so they need to promise and eventually get results and more importantly they need to promise and get more results than other potential leaders.I have little doubt that this is true in the gaming market as well.Game budgets are already through the roof and they would became unsustainable if they had to support union conditions.Not only are each of these unions huge, they also support each other.In a complete free market situation, corporate brutality and poor treatment led to the creation of labor unions, which had to fight every step for legality.All that really warrants doing is relating the reality of QA testing to would-be industry entrants who might otherwise repeat his mistakes, which is perhaps what his article will actually end up doing after all.

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Most of them sit on their ass and rake in money doing nothing on the promise of being there should they need to do something.

Call me heartless, but this sounds like a lot of sour grapes and possibly a bit of delusion.People need some form of collective bargaining against their bosses.Poor pay, the absolute absence of job security, largely tedious work and a general lack of respect or acknowledgement are all enough to sour anyone on working in the industry before long.


Computer Science is universal, and any competent college will generate as competent coders as anywhere else.Most of the time during negotiations they just ask for a cost of living increase matching inflation.

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If an entire team walked at the same time, they would wake up.

I did get to watch good well adjusted and overly qualified teachers with seniority get released in favor of affirmative action.If a big unionisation movement was to happen in the US I would imagine we would see a similar situation to the British games industry, which has been shrinking at around 10% each year for the past 10years.If sales were only dependant on the quality of the games, some of the bigger publishers would be out of busness long ago.Of course, unions are bad, so Americans would never vote for those laws.A downturn that began in the rich world is hurting those who can.

People flock to games (and fail) for the same reason others flock to Hollywood.Search the history of over 305 billion web pages on the Internet.Right now the trend is for states to make it easier to make games by offering tax credits and exemptions.Some promotional submitting (posting your own projects, articles, etc.) is permitted, but it must be balanced out by a much greater level of non-promotion participation in reddit - the rule of thumb is no more than 10% of your submissions may be promotional.

My last contracting job offered me gym membership as a benefit while I was there though.And there are municipalities around GTA that are even worse off.While that might not have an exact dollar value, that stuff is kinda important IMO.There is no good way to explain why people should work probably 30% more then others for no reason.

Serves as an example of why unions are an awful thing when it comes to community services and how they can easily become a detriment economy in other situations.The American auto industry was out-competed by foreign car companies, because the big three sat on their laurels for twenty years almost without innovation.I owe almost of the great opportunities and things I have today to his hard work and well paying job.

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In our country though, republicans villainize unions as the devil.For that matter, it is highly competitive to get an actual steady job making games.Businesses are there to make money and they rarely give things away for free.

What video game regulations are there that are stifling the industry.They connect all that to government, and somehow expect a magical Free Society of Voluntary Labor to solve all these problems without any government.In most cases there is little any elected officials can do to combat this structure even if they were willing to weather the enormous backlash that speaking out against unions would create.Unions just fight for pensions and healthcare, but if management drives you into the ground while floating away on a golden parachute, you should know who to blame.Making unions a less of a need, maybe only in operation within publisher studios.


Games like Serious Sam 3, Metro: Last Light, L.A. Noire, Dead Island, etc. were not made in the United States.


We get work when a unionized company needs more workers and the people who have worked the least in the passed 365 days get first choice if they want the job.You really do have to be the right man in the right place, or at least an exceptionally well known or talented individual.What does it mean to be pro-labor when labor is in. then businesses would already be union friendly. By negotiating deals that were good in the short.