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Time Warner Cable is celebrating the holiday season with a unique offer that lasts into the New Year.The account is currently benefiting from all available discounts.I had both channels free for awhile and literally never watched a single thing on either.Check your phone company for any promotional offers for services like U-verse or FiOS, or satellite television promotions many telephone companies bundle with DSL.My bill is not too far away from yours because of the two surcharges and the increase I managed to get credited back because they committed to a lower promo rate that expired before it was applied to my account.Tweeted twchelp, and they were not able to help since I still had a discount on my account.Up the urgency by letting them know you have already scheduled an installation with their competitor, but your spouse convinced you to give Time Warner one last chance to save your business.

On February 13, 2014, Comcast Corporation announced its intent to acquire.When I have problems on my bill and my outrageous promo is over, I will go to the local service center.You will get a letter in the mail a month or two before it expires offering you another deal, at a higher price.

I called Time Warner today to ask when our yearly promotion expires (next month) since we would most likely be changing to Direct TV before the end of the period.Not to mention the perks and benefits including free cable, Internet, phone, and security.You should expect the representative to start negotiations by attempting to downgrade your current service to save money.What did you put in front of the companies handle so more people would see it.

I can bet that after that, they will give you a bigger discount (do as a last resort).At this point I felt like I was being taken for a sales ride so I said thank you and will try my luck at the TWC store or call again tomorrow.Includes: Starter TV, Standard TV, Variety Pass, Home Phone National, Voicemail.Select Send a Direct Message and you will be able to type a lengthy private message to TWC.Should I even try calling to see if they will tell me what the current prices are.If they stammer, ask them if they would like some time to research their promotions and call you back.When they do reach your building, you will find aggressive new customer pricing, but Verizon has gotten very stingy about renewing promo deals.These are usually common and often reflect a good starting point for negotiations.They will give you a minor promotional offer first most of the time.

Charter-Time Warner Cable Filing Shows Huge Deal Payoffs

There have been some price hikes in the last year on retention promotions, mostly thanks to programming-related increases, which have made it difficult to secure the same (or a lower) rate as last year.

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I know its just cable but this is why our world is the way it is.

To clarify: customers typically have to threaten to cancel to be transferred to the Customer Retentions department.Used the Twitter method for the 3rd year in a row and was contacted via phone within one hour of my direct message to TWC.

Be very careful when you sign up for one of Time Warner

I have found another vendor who can offer me a better rate with no add-on fees.Their modem only goes to the phone wiring, my modem goes to the computer network.All in all, a bit of a savings — not the 110 they are advertising to new customers, but not too bad either.Each app is independently written and may interact with TWC differently.

September 29, 2015: Time Warner Cable has apparently changed how they handle customers looking for a better deal.If the current non promotional prices are on the website, where are they hidden.We used three methods to contact Time Warner to discuss our current bills.I used the Twitter method and Time Warner responded immediately.I thought I got a great deal for the double play (129.99) per month.I was told that I had to wait until my promotion ended because deals change every month.They are likely to respond asking for your account information, including the account number and PIN as shown on your monthly bill.

Either way a good job that as long as you are good to customers can provide decent pay and benefits.I asked for a less expensive package on the TWC page and he told me that pricing was only for new customers.They said to wait and someone from Sales would be in contact with me.Kept trying Twitter and eventually got someone to respond to me.Twc Airport and limo service 978-692-8880. 57 likes. We offer a wide variety of limousines for all the special occasions in your.Step Three: You will be asked why you are canceling service.

Interesting the first local rep I spoke to immediately took off the HD charge for 24 months.Thank you to those who are visiting and riding the railroad this weekend.

Take a look at the special Time Warner Cable Voice offers that are available now.If you did the former, a senior customer service specialist should have called with a new rate that is all-inclusive with no additional equipment charges, etc.After a Google search, I found and read How to Score a Better Deal From Time Warner Cable.Any suggestions about negotiation tactics as a new customer or should I just take the introductory rate and not worry until prices jump a year from now.Many of the Spectrum Package Deals found on this site are only available.I refuse to believe we have no choices and will not give up hope.My info is the following, thanks again for looking into this.At which point she informed me that there was no higher supervisor.I guess the fee for the DVR and fee for the Guide were not enough.

Here is the order I ended up with that most closely matches what you described.Another option to reduce your bill is buying a TIVO and just rent a TW cable card.I have been scouring the internet looking for something better, but not much luck.My daughter wanted her own modem and I went in to the office in my area and was told 1) the extra modem will cost 8.00 per month only AND 2) I could renew my promotion at the same price when the old promo expired, or July 1.I was hoping that for a long time TWC customer you would be able to offer a better rate.