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This content requires the base game MapleStory on Steam in order to play.Are you trying to spend some money into the game for candy so that you can achieve higher VIP rewards.Hidden Street Map Location, Stats and Skill Builds for All Classes, and Complete Guides to Grind, Hunt, Scroll, and Cube Your Gears.

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In this video I teach you how to get a FREE Hairstyle Coupon(Vip) that makes you able to change your hair in game.

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The only way you can change your hair now is to make a new char or to buy a VIP hair coupon at full price.VIP You can CHOOSE your own hair but only with a selection of hair styles. VIP Coupon - Choose from most.

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Hair coupons can only be used once so yea you will have to buy another ticket.Beauty Parlors in MapleStory offer a variety of ways to customize your characters,.On one of my alts I got one of the cuter styles (face AND hair) on the first and second try respectively, as well.

Cubes are at least only a dollar-twenty so if I buy a 10k card I can at least get 8, but hair.EXP is a coupon that gives a random. when I double-click it outside the Cash Shop. Maplestory 2.Create and train a mighty hero in a legendary quest to rid the world of eternal.Oh btw, wats your nick in maple story?...

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Shielding Ward Scissors of Karma Hair Style Coupon (VIP) Face Coupon (VIP) Miracle Cube Owl of Minerva Super Megaphone The Robot Stand: 1 Day.

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Made bye: Masterxlord Kanaal Note: Max: the boy with the green hair. robin: the boy with the black hair.

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Roll the dice hack. 2011. Discuss Roll the dice hack in the Global MapleStory area. but even if its ever found its going to be VIP only and probably never.

Unleash your wild side in MapleStory, the most engaging and action-packed FREE MMORPG.In our mod, we feature Unlimited Mesos, Candies as well as VIP 20.

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We have MapleStory quest information, character guides, item information and more.

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You need an Experimental (EXP) Hair Coupon, a VIP Hair Coupon, or a VIP Hair Membership purchased from the Cash Shop. The Hair Salon in Showa Town.Blaster is now available in Maplestory GMS alongside Act 3 of the Heroes of Maple Story. 2x EXP Coupon: Untradeable,.

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